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Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - Transitions

As we leave one day and move on to the next day, our theme is transitions. Whether it's a going through a major change or just going from one day to the next, that is what prompts and fills have to relate to.

Rules are as follows:

- Six prompts each per fandom per day. Author's choice prompts are unlimited.
- One prompt per comment.
- Warn for spoilers in the subject line of your comment and leave three lines of spoiler space.

Please prompt using the following format:

Fandom, character or pairing, prompt
Or, for crossovers: Fandom 1/Fandom 2, character or pairing, prompt


Doctor Who, any!Doctor, regeneration
Author's choice. author's choice, moving through the days.
Torchwood/Agents of SHIELD, author's choice, crossing dimensions.

If nothing today appeals to you, you can look through the lonely prompts on Pinboard, or leave new ones on any of the previous themes.
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Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, graduation
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Liminal, McGonnagall, G, Commentboxed

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Bittersweet. She's never found a comparable flavour in all the world to graduation day. To watching each and every child who entered Hogwarts as a student, no matter from whose house, as they reached the end of their tenure and crossed a line that had little to do with magic but still transformed them from child to adult.

Student, to peer.

Bitter, this year, more than sweet; sweet to have students again, to have the portraits snoozing away in the headmaster's office, for points lost and gained, for the ending of one war. But bitter for pieces of the school still damaged, the Whomping Willow still splinters, and so many of the past years' students having died before reached their cusp of childhood liminality. Bitter for the ones who had died. Bitter for the ones who had lost any sense of innocence. Bitter for those who had been withdrawn and would never return.

She transfigures as soon as the ceremony has ended, so no one can say they saw her cry.
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Re: Liminal, McGonnagall, G, Commentboxed

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